Meet our Resident Physicians

River Ridge Dermatology is committed to providing the best possible skin care. We stay at the forefront of medical developments, and are actively engaged in educating the next generation of dermatologists—working with them to incorporate the newest technologies and treatments into our practice.

That’s why we proudly participate in the LewisGale Hospital Montgomery Graduate Medical Education program. Having recently completed rigorous medical education programs, resident physicians bring innovative practices and methodologies to the field of dermatology and to our patients.

We look forward to working with them to expand our services and provide the best medical care.

Samantha Sternad, D.O.

A photo of Dr. Samantha Sternad

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM-VA)

Dr. Sternad is from Delafield, Wisconsin and attended medical school in Blacksburg. She became interested in dermatology while in college when her mother was diagnosed with melanoma. She has seen the impact dermatology has had on people in her life and wants to help make a difference in others’ lives too. “I love that we can help people feel healthy, beautiful, and confident in their own skin,” she says.

Fun fact about Dr. Sternad: She worked as a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company before starting medical school.

Amanda Johns, D.O.

A photo of Dr. Amanda Johns

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM)

Dr. Johns is from Charleston, West Virginia and attended medical school in Lewisburg, West Virginia. She was drawn to dermatology because of the variety of conditions and diseases that present on the skin. She also loves that dermatology allows her to create a long lasting relationship with her patients. “It is rewarding as a physician to be able to clear my patients’ skin, prevent skin cancer, or make a skin cancer diagnosis that could be life-saving.”

Fun fact about Dr. Johns: She played college soccer and enjoys discovering new hiking trails and waterfalls to explore with her rescue dog, Bear.

Luke Godwin, D.O.

A photo of Dr. Godwin

Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Godwin is from Fayetteville, North Carolina and attended medical school at Campbell University. Struggling with hand warts as a child spurred his interest dermatology. “I love the variety that dermatology brings,” he says. “I get to treat patients with concerns ranging from alopecia to skin cancer to autoimmune diseases, and to help patients look and feel their best with cosmetic skincare services and procedures.”

Fun fact about Dr. Godwin: He played drums in varsity band.

Tyler Long, D.O.

A photo of Dr. Long

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie

Dr. Long was born in Arkansas and raised in Orlando, Florida. He attended medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Long first became interested in dermatology during a rotation with a family friend, who was also a Mohs surgeon. “Dermatologists are some of the most versatile physicians,” he says. “We specialize in pathology, medicine, and surgery. It is very gratifying to be a one-stop-shop for patients’ skincare.”

Fun fact about Dr. Long: At 6’5”, many people expect him to be a basketball player. Instead, he’s a swimmer!

Dr. Jessica Kaprive

A photo of Dr. Jessica Kaprive

Dr. Kaprive is from Miami, FL and attended medical school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She was drawn to dermatology at an early age when her dad was diagnosed with melanoma. As her interest grew, she became enthralled with the diversity and artistry possible in dermatology, including skin surgery, cosmetics, and general dermatology for all ages. She also has a passion for prevention & education, instilling healthy skincare and sun protection habits at every age.

Fun fact about Dr. Kaprive: She enjoys traveling and outdoor adventures like hiking, paddle-boarding, and skiing with her husband.

Dr. Jonmichael Samsel

A photo of Dr. Samsel

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM-VA)

Dr. Samsel is from Morristown, TN and attended medical school in Blacksburg. He was drawn to dermatology after discovering the heavy psychosocial burden of patients with skin disease. “I’ve learned through my patients that our society frequently emphasizes physical appearance when determining self worth, and our skin is often our first impression to the world. I love helping alleviate some of that burden by walking alongside my patients toward healthier skin and improved mental health.”

Fun fact about Dr. Samsel: He played football for the University of Tennessee, and in his words is a “Vol for life who bleeds orange!”