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Our board certified dermatologists help to treat and prevent common and rare skin conditions.


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Some skin conditions require surgical procedures. We take the utmost care to ensure your health, and the health of your skin.


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Cosmetic dermatology procedures can help you look and feel your best.


We care for everyone’s everyday skin

Skin of all shades

At River Ridge Dermatology we treat skin of all types and ages. We know patients with darker and lighter skin have different presentations of dermatologic conditions, issues with discoloration, and other concerns. Darker and lighter skin react differently to cosmetic treatments, medications, and skin procedures. Our dermatologists strive to manage all of our patients in a culturally sensitive manner. We work to provide services and care for each patient’s color, tone, and skin and hair texture.

Let us help you achieve your best skin

Women’s skin care

Numerous skin conditions are specific to women, and other common skin conditions present differently in women than they do in men. For example, women have persistent acne more often than adult men. Rosacea is more common in fair-skinned women. Pregnant and menopausal women have different skin needs and presentations than women at other stages of their lives.

Men’s skin care

Many men are affected by skin conditions, and men have presentations of skin disorders that differ from women and children. River Ridge Dermatology offers comprehensive skin care services for men including skin cancer screening, rashes and dermatitis, sun spots, acne, nail care, hair loss, rosacea, shaving folliculitis, and creating a healthy overall complexion.

Children’s skin care

Children can face a number of skin conditions from common things like eczema, acne, and warts, to rare genetic skin disorders. We understand that when your child has a skin condition, it can affect the whole family. We will work with you to find a treatment that works best for your child, and for you, and to help ease the strain of a stressful time.

Teen’s skin care

Skin conditions during the teenage years affect self-esteem and can produce lifelong scarring. It is important to start treatment early. Acne is a huge problem for teens, and includes black heads, white heads, red pimples, or cystic acne. But caring for teenage skin goes beyond acne, and we can help your teenager develop a healthy skin care plan that will keep their skin clean, healthy, and glowing.

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See what people have to say about River Ridge Dermatology

I was so very impressed and appreciative of the professionalism, friendliness, kindness, caring and punctuality of every staff member I encountered. I would highly recommend River Ridge Dermatology to anyone in search of a change in your dermatology needs. A definite “10” in my book! – Daniel O.

I went to River Ridge Derm and was soooo pleasantly surprised at the reception and treatment I received. There was no pain associated with my procedure and the folks there were extremely caring about me before, during and after the procedure. – Margaret L.

Excellent staff – so friendly and so compassionate. I was able to be seen same day, and the staff made me so comfortable. Highly recommend this practice for your skin care needs/issues! – Jessica A.

Everyone at River Ridge Dermatology was very nice. They took time to thoroughly examine me. Very professional! I highly recommend them. – Tim G.


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